Limited Edition Designs



When will there be new tin designs on your website?
Why can’t I buy some of the tins from your design gallery?
Will you ever re-release sold out designs?
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Can you send me a catalogue?
When are your promotions?


Can I place my order over the phone?
Why was my order payment rejected?
What is 3D Secure?
Where do I add in my promotional code?
What payment types do you offer?
Does your process include VAT?
Does your website automatically deduct VAT from orders made to the Channel Islands?
How will you confirm my order?
Can I change my order?
I am having some issues on the site, what advice can you give me to successfully place my order?


How much do you charge for delivery?
I need my order guaranteed tomorrow. Can I choose Express Delivery?
Do you deliver to my country?

STEAMCREAM are able to deliver globally. Please see the DELIVERY INFORMATION page.

How much does it cost to deliver my order outside the UK?
Do you deliver to University addresses?
How can I track my order?
Can I cancel my order?
Will you notify me when my order has been despatched?
Can I change my delivery address?


Is STEAMCREAM suitable for all skin types?
Where can I use STEAMCREAM?
Does STEAMCREAM contain an SPF?
How long does STEAMCREAM last?
I have an allergy. How do I know the cream is safe for me to use?
Is your cream safe to use during pregnancy?
Does it prevent you from getting stretch marks?
Can you use STEAMCREAM as an after sun lotion?
Can you use STEAMCREAM for very sensitive skin?
Can you put STEAMCREAM on scars or acne?
Can you use STEAMCREAM in your hair?
What is the main difference between STEAMCREAM and other skin creams?
Is it safe if the cream gets in the mouth?
Does STEAMCREAM erase spots or wrinkles?
Why do you use STEAM in the manufacturing process?
Does the steaming process destroy the ingredients and nutrients in the cream?


What is STEAMCREAM made of?
Are the ingredients used in STEAMCREAM vegan?
Are your ingredients organic?
Is STEAMCREAM gluten free?
Why do you use triethanolamine?
Why do you use parabens?


Do you test your cream on animals?
Why aren’t you BUAV or PETA approved, and why don’t you have a fixed cut-off date?
Which country does STEAMCREAM come from?


Do the aluminium tins maintain the quality of the product?
What is the best way to store STEAMCREAM?
Can I design my own tin?
Why don’t you make different sized tins?
Can I get my favourite tin refilled?
Is STEAMCREAM hand luggage friendly?


My log in username/password details are not working, what do I do?
I forgot my password, what can I do?
How do I change my account details?


I have another question that is not listed above, how do I get an answer?
I have a blog and/or a YouTube page and would like to review your STEAMCREAM. Who do I contact?